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Checkout Issues

If you experience a complication during the checkout process, please doo not hesitate to contact us. However, please see some simple steps below which might help resolve the issue yourself:


Credit/Debit Card Issues

Please ensure that you have entered all the credit card information correctly, including the expiry date and security code. Ensure the name is correct and is registered to the billing address supplied.

Ensure that if you are using a work or public computer to make your order, that the security settings haven't blocked unknown websites. If you think this may be the issue speak to the IT administrator and add HairyWorm as a trusted site and ensure you have done this on your own computer also.

If this still does not work please:

Try a different credit/debit card

Use PayPal as your payment method

Check with your bank that there are not issues or restrictions on your card


PayPal Complications

If your PayPal transaction has been cancelled or declined please speak to PayPal directly to check that there are no fraud concerns on your account. Check that your billing information is correct and that the card linked to PayPal is valid and hasn't expired. Finally, check your have sufficient funds - again, this may seem obvious but it does happen, especially if a late payment has been taken out of the account and you haven't realised.


For more information, please log in to your PayPal account, or contact PayPal Customer Support.